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BP-55, a new generation of Pinpads

ITOS presented its latest innovation in payment terminals for mobility environments at the recent edition of Secure Payments & ID Congress. The BP-55 PIN Pad is an EMV Contactless terminal that, due to its size, ergonomics and connectivity is the ideal solution for both mobility applications and fixed installations.

The new BP-55 – with the lowest price in its category – provides a series of benefits for companies and professionals focused on streamlining the payment process and improving the quality of customer service. Thus, they will be able to accept payments in a more comfortable and reliable way, unifying the amount and the payment to balance; have greater speed in transactions with Contactless cards; perform operations without errors, since it is not necessary to enter the amount, in addition to allowing the use of loyalty cards.

A small and light device, weighing only 180 grams, which also has important technological advances compared to traditional PIN Pads:

  • 2.4 “color touch screen for the collection of electronic signatures.
  • WiFi technologies, which allow connection in larger establishments and open spaces, and RS-232 for checkout lanes of supermarkets and points of sale in general. In addition, the device integrates Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.0 Class 2, 3G Modem, as well as SIM and SAM modules for greater performance in communications.

Moreover, the payment terminal has readers of magnetic stripe cards, chip cards and Contactless and incorporates a battery of 1,180 mAh.

The ITOS PIN Pad is sold together with the secure stand for its fixation in counters and checkout lanes, allowing the device to be charged at any time of the day and extending its autonomy for intense working days.

The BP-55, optimized for integration with smartphones and tablets iOS, Android and Windows, is ideal for merchants and professionals in the catering sector, as well as companies of diverse activity that need to accept payments in mobility with bank cards.

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