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Quality support

We strive to offer a quality service with the design of customized technical assistance plans for equipment, in addition to the support and advice of our technical specialists throughout the projects.

Technical Support

We ensure customer care through our telephone helpline for hardware, software and installations, as well as repair work, all under the strictest quality standards and using state-of-the-art equipment. And all through our own Spain-based After Sales Service.

Maintenance Service

ITOS offers its customers a wide range of maintenance packages –Gold, Silver and Platinum Packages– tailored to their needs, thus guaranteeing the optimum condition of all items of equipment and extending their working life. And we even go one step further, designing flexible, customized maintenance plans tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Technical Consultancy

We specialize in holistic project management, guiding the customer from the design stage through to commissioning, with the development of customized solutions to facilitate the implementation of all projects. We also respond to our customers’ needs by offering a consultation and partnership service to troubleshoot any incidents.


Bespoke Solutions. At ITOS we care about our customers’ interests, which is why we are flexible and adapt to their needs to ensure success in all their projects. We work alongside the customer to develop unique, complete solutions which are specific to each sector, all with a fast response time.

In-House Technical Support. Our in-house technical support allows us to ensure a high-quality service and know the customer’s requirements first-hand.

Innovative Proposals. We are constantly evolving in the search for innovations to satisfy our customers’ needs and anticipate new market demands.

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