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ITOS Technology, S.L. is an independently owned company specialized in the development and distribution of hardware, firmware and software. Its strategy is oriented to provide mobile devices and software components to mobility application development and integration companies at a competitive price, without compromising the quality and scalability of the solutions.

Since its creation in 2003, ITOS has developed a network of partners formed by the leading companies in mobility application development, which integrate the devices and software components distributed by ITOS in their solutions, bringing more value to their customers.

ITOS is committed to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy as a way of understanding and developing our business activity. Through this policy, we seek to adopt a socially responsible conduct based on the following PRINCIPLES AND SUBJECTS.


ACCOUNTABILITY for the economic, social and environmental impacts that may result from our actions, which implies assuming responsibility for any possible negative impacts and the commitment to take the appropriate measures to repair them and avoid their repetition.

TRANSPARENCY in the activities we carry out that affect society and the environment. In this way, we provide all the information required by the interested parties, in an accessible and intelligible language. Excluding the publication of information protected by intellectual property or that which may cause non-compliance with legal obligations.

ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. We are aware that, in order to have a truly positive impact on sustainable development, we must be governed by criteria of honesty, fairness and integrity, which means that we not only pursue economic benefit, but also try to maximize the positive impacts on our social and environmental surroundings, as well as minimizing the negative ones.

RESPECT FOR STAKEHOLDER INTERESTS. We respect and address the interests and requirements of internal and external stakeholders. We consider that, although they are not strictly part of the company, they have legitimate needs and interests that may be affected by our activities; therefore, we take these stakeholders into account when making decisions.

RESPECT FOR THE PRINCIPLE OF LEGALITY or supremacy of law, which means recognizing that no individual or organization has the power to act outside the law. In the field of SR, respect for the principle of legality means that we respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations and, therefore, take the necessary measures to be aware of and comply with current SR legislation.