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Maximize efficiency with our POS devices

Mobile payment solutions in a fast and secure way with our payment terminals: Pin Pads and last generation mobile POS. In ITOS we also offer EMV software for the integration of our payment devices with POS software.

Next-generation Android POS with integrated Pin Pad to create simpler, more personalized shopping experiences than ever before.

Convenient and lightweight payment devices to manage transactions in your business.


Innovative next-generation devices, to bring us ever closer to the future of payment devices in unattended environments such as kiosks, vending machines, parking meters, public transportation, etc.

Meet CRONOSmdm®, our advanced cloud platform developed by our R&D department that allows the management of Android payment terminals by the company that owns the terminal, its branches or its maintenance company. You will be able to:

  1. Remotely monitor, manage and configure Android payment terminals.
  2. Control the devices, their applications and their appearance.
  3. Hierarchize the organization.
  4. Create Users and Roles.
  5. Analyze in real time and obtain reports.

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