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Smart POS:
android payment terminals

The next generation Android POS with integrated Pin Pad to create simpler and more personalised shopping experiences than ever before.


Android POS

Our Smart POS are ergonomically designed and portable, providing users with a convenient and lightweight experience. The mobility, versatility and agility they offer are ideal for environments such as retail and hospitality, where speed and efficiency are key. Say goodbye to long queues and unnecessary waiting: with our devices, the payment process becomes an agile and efficient instant.

Beyond processing transactions, our Smart POS focuses on transforming every interaction into a unique customer experience. The ability to personalise allows merchants to adapt to individual preferences, fostering customer loyalty and building strong relationships.

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Android smart payment devices for businesses

ITOS Smart POS are not simply payment terminals, but comprehensive solutions that include an Android data phone.

This feature not only offers convenience, but also gives merchants the flexibility of a mobile POS (Point of Sale Terminal). Whether at the counter or bringing the point of sale directly to the customer, our technology allows you to adapt to changing business needs.

A mobile Android POS offers exceptional versatility by integrating various functionalities for the efficient management of a business.

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Frequently asked questions - Smart POS

What is a Smart POS?

A Smart POS is a latest generation POS with an integrated PIN Pad. It works similar to a smartphone, can have applications installed on it and has the ability to integrate with management software to improve both the user and customer experience.

  1. Cards with magnetic stripe
  2. EMV chip cards: Many PIN Pads support EMV chip cards (Europay, MasterCard, Visa). These cards have an embedded chip that provides an additional layer of security and authentication.
  3. Contactless reading: Some PIN Pads are compatible with proximity cards, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards. These cards allow contactless transactions, which is especially useful in fast-pay environments.
  4. Smart cards: PIN Pads can support smart cards, which are cards with embedded microprocessors. These cards are used in advanced applications, such as secure identification systems and access to services.

It is important to check the specifications of the specific PIN Pad you are considering to ensure that it is compatible with the types of cards you want to accept in your business.

These are some of the capabilities provided by an Android dataphone:

  • Management Software Installation: Allows the installation of management software adapted to the specific needs of the business. These can be point of sale (POS) applications, inventory systems, loyalty programmes, among others. In addition, from the ITOS R&D department, we can help you to make the software compatible with our devices.
  • Table Management: Facilitates table management in environments such as restaurants and cafés. Waiters can efficiently assign tables, register orders and manage occupancy status.
  • Electronic Ordering: The electronic ordering function streamlines the order-taking process. Waiters can send orders directly from the Android POS to the kitchen, reducing wait time and improving accuracy.
  • Mobile Checkout: Enables mobile checkout, allowing employees to complete transactions directly at the point of service. This is especially useful at events or locations where mobility is essential.
  • Code reading: Integrates a reader that facilitates the reading of 1D and 2D codes, such as the CM35, which with an optional module you can read labels, event tickets, membership cards and more.
  • Member Management: Allows the reading of membership cards for loyalty programmes. Customer data can be managed directly from the mobile POS, improving personalised customer service.
  • Interface Customisation: Offers the ability to customise the interface according to the specific needs of the business, providing a tailored user experience.
  • Connectivity with MDM: All our smart payment devices can be remotely managed through our in-house developed MDM platform for financial terminal management CronosMDM®.

Our Smart POS and Android POS are designed to offer a seamless user experience, with advanced features that improve transaction efficiency and facilitate business management.

ITOS Android POS systems accelerate the payment process, making transactions faster and more secure, which translates into a better customer experience and greater efficiency for the merchant.