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At ITOS we are ready to take on the new challenges facing the retail sector. Devices that improve the consumer’s purchase experience, with more personalized care and the ability to accept payments in any part of the shop.

Customer management

Customer care
and sales

With our mobility terminals for shops you can simplify the sales process, manage customer care and even accept payments using a single device.

Delivery of online purchases

ITOS offers courier companies rugged mobile devices with cutting-edge barcode reading technology for intensive workdays.

recogida tienda compra online

& Collect

Discover our solutions for iOS and Android and manage in-store collections with the best customer care.

Product and price management

gestion de productos y precios

Customer information

Improve your customers’ buying experience with real-time information on your products, prices and stock availability.

UHF tag reading

The UHF technology integrated in our Handhelds enables several features that make them unique in in-store applications: real-time inventory, quick location of items, detection of misplaced items, etc.

Stock control and receipt of goods

Effective control and tracking of goods from receipt to warehousing of the product is key to organising any company.

Dispatch and truck loading

envio y carga de camiones

Organise the loading and transport of goods with a more reliable and secure reading of packages.

Business management

gestion del negocio

With ITOS’s mobility and payment solutions you will have greater control over your business, allowing professionals greater management at all times and in any place.