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Unattended Payments:
Self-Service Terminals

The latest generation of unattended payment terminals that create simpler shopping experiences than ever before. Perfect for integration in unattended environments such as kiosks, vending machines, charging stations and more.


Transform your business with self-service terminals

Increase your sales while you are out of business

Discover the benefits of integrating self-service terminals into your business, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Anywhere, anytime, you can serve your customers and offer the best service.

360° Support

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Efficiency and Convenience in Unattended Payments

Discover the benefits of integrating self-service terminals into your business, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The technology behind our unattended terminals is designed to offer security, speed and reliability in every transaction. Fully equipped to withstand water, dust and vandalism.

With certification for unattended environments, your customers will be able to conduct a transaction from start to finish without interruption.

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Frequently asked questions - Unattended Payments

What is an unattended terminal?

An Unattended Terminal unlike conventional payment terminals that require staff, these are perfect for self-service environments. It has a similar operation but in this case the entire process is carried out by the customer. In addition, devices such as the advanced Android IN20 can have applications installed on them and have the ability to integrate with management software to improve the user experience.

This is the same as an unattended terminal, i.e. a device that can charge in places where there is no person behind it, operating autonomously.

We can also find the so-called semi-attended terminals, which will be used in sectors where there is personal attention, but where the customer is the one who carries out the management.

  1. Cards with magnetic stripe
  2. EMV chip cards: These are compatible with EMV chip cards (Europay, MasterCard, Visa). These cards have an embedded chip that provides an additional layer of security and authentication.
  3. Contactless reading: Some Smart POS are compatible with proximity cards, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards. These cards enable contactless transactions, which is especially useful in fast-pay environments.
  4. Smart cards: They can support smart cards, which are cards with embedded microprocessors. These cards are used in advanced applications, such as secure identification systems and access to services.

It is important to check the specifications of the specific terminal you are considering to ensure that it is compatible with the types of cards you want to accept in your business.

ITOS unattended dataphones streamline the payment process in environments and sectors where there is no person to be served. This includes vending machines, self-service spaces, vehicle charging stations, indoor and outdoor parking meters.