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Innovative payment terminals and mobile devices with NFC and RFID UHF technology that increase revenue opportunities and enhance user experience with greater time savings.

Ground services: Airplane, Train

ticketing control embarque

Ticketing and boarding control

ITOS adapts to new transport needs with a wide range of mobile devices with barcode and NFC readers and SAM modules for passenger control and boarding.

servicios pista indentificacion equipajes

Runway and luggage identification services

Equip your staff with rugged smartphones for their communications and versatile mobile devices with barcode readers.

Servicios de pago

Mobility payment services

New Smart POS CM5, the mobility payment revolution. Discover its infinite possibilities: invoice payment services, excess baggage, sale of tourist packages, Duty-Free shops…

In-flight services: airplane, train, ship

venta a bordo

In-flight sales

Manage the sale and payment of in-flight sales catalogue products using ITOS’s mobility devices and payment methods.

Catering Services

Improve the customer experience and expand your offering with faster and more effective services thanks to ITOS’s new payment and mobility solutions.

Access control

control de accesos

Discover our professional devices for mobility environments with fingerprint recognition function and SAM modules.

Taxi payments

pagos en taxi

Expedite the taxi payment service with our new BP-50CLBP-55 and CM5 mobile terminals, which guarantee faster and more reliable transactions.