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Quality and Environment

ITOS Technology, S.L. is an independently owned company specialising in the development and distribution of hardware, firmware and software. Its strategy is focused on providing mobile devices and software components to mobility application development and integration companies at a competitive price, without compromising the quality and scalability of the solutions.

Since its creation in 2003, ITOS has developed a network of partners formed by the leading companies in mobility application development, which integrate the devices and software components distributed by ITOS in their solutions, bringing more value to their customers.

ITOS is committed to implement, maintain and develop an explicit and approved quality policy, the main purpose of this policy being to ensure, on a permanent basis, customer satisfaction and the Continuous Improvement of our System.

Based on the requirements of Terminal Quality Management (TQM) imposed by Mastercard, ITOS has implemented a Configuration Management System that is integrated into the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Products managed according to the Configuration Management System will be kept under strict control. Every change in their configuration shall be made according to the requirements set out in the Configuration Management System. In order to prove compliance with the corresponding specifications, the products shall be subject to evaluation by authorised Certification Bodies.

The company’s management is convinced that efforts aimed at product differentiation must be based on the fundamental platform of the implementation and development of a quality management system.

Quality aspects are permanently included in the core of the company’s strategic approach and as a major determinant of competitive advantage. The driving force of our development is product differentiation, based on a better adaptation to the customer’s needs, so that the benefit received through our collaboration clearly exceeds the price paid for it.

ITOS Technology, S.L. also assumes the protection of the environment as a fundamental factor in the performance of its activities, with the fundamental premise of making its activities compatible with the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution. The fundamental pillars of our environmental management are based, among others, on the optimisation of the management of the waste generated, implementing the appropriate measures for the reduction, recovery and recycling of this waste, ensuring the correct elimination of those that cannot be recovered.

Therefore, the Management of the company is committed to the dissemination and compliance with the policy defined in this document, within the scope of all company personnel, to a Continuous Improvement of the System through compliance with the requirements defined in the International Standard ISO-9001, Terminal Quality Management Requirements (TQM), and the legal and regulatory requirements that may be applicable.

As Managing Director of ITOS I am committed to the Management System and will continue to put in place the necessary resources to ensure compliance. Therefore, I am committed to comply with and enforce compliance of all company personnel with the contents of our Quality System.

Nikolay Dimitrov

General Manager

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