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Advanced Retail Technology: Innovative Solutions at EuroCIS

In the dynamic world of retail, technology is the driver of change and innovation. That is why EuroCIS has become the annual international event for retail technology. Among the many new solutions and innovations, those offered by ITOS provide a number of significant benefits for retailers, solutions designed to drive efficiency and performance in the retail environment, ranging from streamlining payment processes to improving inventory management.

How ITOS is transforming the retail sector

ITOS highlighted at EuroCIS as a leader in digital transformation in the retail sector with its wide range of innovative solutions. On the one hand, it surprised visitors with its products and services focused on mobility environments. Its Android Handhelds stood out, with the ability to read 1D, 2D and RFID codes, offering exceptional versatility for inventory applications, asset tracking and more. In addition, in combination with the innovative Lock & Load smart locker with charging station and its cloud platform, ITOS provides a comprehensive solution for the management and control of mobile devices in the retail environment. As an added value, revolutionising the way retailers manage their operations, ITOS also showcased other new products such as the IW series of mini ring readers and its ST-80 Smart Tablet with price checker and virtual assistant function.

Other features included Android Smart POS, unattended terminals, as well as the ITOS CRONOSmdm® management portal, which allows you to control all payment terminals from one online software. These technologies not only improve the customer experience, but also optimise internal processes and increase business profitability.

Service Excellence for Retail Technology

At ITOS, our commitment goes beyond delivering advanced technology solutions. We strive to provide exceptional service that meets the specific needs of each customer. From implementation to ongoing support, our team is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ success. With a focus on innovation, reliability and customer service, ITOS is the ideal partner to drive growth and digital transformation in retail.

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