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ITOS’ UHF RFID mobility solutions for logistics and retail

ITOS incorporates the most advanced UHF-RFID technology in all its Android handheld computers, as well as new mobile reading solutions for supply chains, among which is the IRF-50 handheld reader. More powerful products with a greater reading range that grants professionals the capacity to operate efficiently. These readers also allow the simultaneous scanning of several products with RFID tags, speeding up the processes in which said technology is implemented. They collect data tags and connect the information with networks or clouds to enable inventory management.

Other RFID tech benefits are: there is no need to keep a line-of-sight with the device reader as the data is conveyed via electromagnetic waves; It allows both recording and reading of data in the tag´s memory; immediate and accurate product identification.

ITOS’ RFID solutions offer new capabilities for logistics and retail sectors with in-store and warehouse applications, such as real-time inventory, quick location of items, detection of misplaced items, anti-theft alarm disarming and long range scanning.

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