About Us
About Us

Our history

ITOS®, founded in 2003, is a technology company specializing in personalized mobility products and solutions and payment methods for professional environments.

We are pioneers in the introduction of mobility payment methods, and continue to work to offer the market new added-value solutions for businesses and their employees. In 2005 we developed the first Bluetooth mobile PIN pad specially designed for use with PDAs and handhelds. In 2010 we presented the first fully-certified solution for EMV payments in operational mobility at Cartes tradeshow, Paris, with more than 10 handheld and smartphone models.

Our activity focuses on developing and distributing mobility products with Android industrial terminals, handheld readers and printers, terminals for iOS devices and state-of-the-art payment methods. We also offer comprehensive payment solutions thanks to the design of software for secure platforms, proprietary products and complete solutions for accepting payments with applications and bank cards, including approval with certification and financial entities.

We have in-house technical support, with an after-sales service located in Spain and adapted to the particular needs of each customer


To provide mobile workers (businesses and self-employed) with our products and solutions, we work alongside:

  • Mobile telephone companies.
  • Mobile application development and integration companies.
  • Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • Financial institutions and payment service providers (PSP).

At ITOS we work every day to earn the recognition of all our partners as reliable suppliers of high-quality products, with competitive prices and exclusive maintenance and integration support.


We have in-depth knowledge of the global and local market, based on 15 years’ experience as a provider of mobility and payment services for companies. Our expert technicians weigh up the customer’s requirements and are on hand to provide guidance throughout the process, with the clear goal of offering solutions which can provide real value to the business.

We have commercial relations in over 14 countries in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East with projects aimed at various sectors such as transport, banking and administration.


Our concern for the interests of customers is at the center of everything we do. We are capable of responding to new needs that may arise, adapting to changes, and meeting agreed deadlines.

We are inspired by the commitment to offer our clients new innovative products and integral solutions that facilitate the development and implementation of all their projects.

Products and customized mobility solutions and payment methods for professional environments.

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