MPED-400® PIN Pad


The ITOS MPED-400® is a hybrid EMV PIN Pad compact, ergonomic and with multiple connection choices. ITOS MPED-400® is the best solution for both mobility applications and traditional locations.

The PIN Pad MPED-400® with Bluetooth connectivity and 1.150 mAh battery, together with the payment gateway ItosPay® EMV, enables any data acquisition terminal or PDA  (with Windows Mobile or CE), BlackBerry, Android device or iOS device, as an EMV certified payment solution without the need of additional PCI or EMV certifications

The combined solution PIN Pad MPED-400® and payment gateway “ItosPay® EMV” allow integrating the payment in any mobility application. It provides payment services for Chip Cards and Magnetic Stripe Cards.

Field Engineering Services, Logistic companies, Traffic Police, Catering, Distribution and many other companies can use their mobile terminals to get payments with EMV and Magnetic Stripe cards.

In more traditional installations, the Bluetooth, RS-232, USB and Ethernet connectivity offers to the commerce an unprecedented control, allowing the Payment integration in the Point of sales application with the highest security levels.

Compatible with:

  • iPhone (Bluetooth connection)
  • iPad (Bluetooth connection)
  • SmartPhones Android
  • Tablets Android
  • PDAs con Windows Mobile y CE
  • BlackBerry
  • Laptops
  • PC
  • POS

Technical features:

  • Designed to work with SmartPhones, Tablets, Data acquisition Terminals, PDAs, Blackberry, Laptops, PC and POS.
  • Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Blackberry.
  • The SDK allows to develop C applications for the PIN Pad.
  • API to access the PIN Pad through the serial port from iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and CE, WINDOWS, Linux, etc.
  • 32 bits Microcontrollers defined for secure applications in the financial enviroment.
  • 4 Mbytes Flash Memory (up to 32 Mbytes as a factory option).
  • LCD graphic screen with 128×64 pixels resolution.
  • Bidirectional Magnetic Stripe card reader ISO 7811, Tracks 1, 2 and 3.
  • Smart Card reader ISO 7816; EMV level 1 certified.
  • SAM module.
  • Keyboard: 10 numeric keys + 6 function keys.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Ver. 2.0+EDR (optional), RS-232, USB Device or USB Host.
  • Dimensions: L:146 mm; W:74 mm; H:25 mm.
  • Weight: 195 g without battery, 220 g with battery.
  • Operative Range: -10ºC to 50ºC; Relative humidity 5% and 90%.
  • External Power supply and battery charger: 5V DC; USB.
  • Certifications: PCI PTS POI Offline and Online Version 3.1 + SRED; EMV Nivel 1 & EMV Nivel 2 Internal Kernel.


  • Charging  Cradle

  • Belt Case


Brochure MPED-400