ItosPay® EMV for iPhone


ItosPay® EMV is an ISO8385 EFT application for iOS devices designed to integrate the EMV payments in any software application for iPhone/ iPod.

ItosPay® EMV together with the mobile PIN pad ITOS BP-50CL, BP-50, BP-500, MPED-400® converts any iPhone/ iPod device in an EMV certified payment solution.


Easy to use:

  • User interface especially designed for mobiles desvices
  • Familiar to the users, similar to the card payment in a traditional shop
  • Stand alone or integrated with mobile application
  • ItosPay® EMVenables any data acquisition terminal or PDA (with Windows Mobile or CE), BlackBerry, Android device or iOS device, as an EMV certified payment solution without the need of additional PCI or EMV certifications


The best solution for:

  • Payment at the table
  • Traffic and parking fines payment
  • Payment upon delivery
  • Onboard sales
  • Taxi payment, etc


Brochure ItosPay® EMV for iPhone

ItosPay EMV for iPhones