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  • iOS Bluetooth Dongle Converter

    iOS Bluetooth Dongle connector gives the possibility to connect any Bluetooth iPad ®, iPhone ® or iPod ® to any Bluetooth device that does not support the Apple Bluetooth ® standard.

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  • PC-10 Converter

    Manages connection of any PDA with USB connector with other RS232 slave device.

    • USB Interface:
      • Supports USB slave devices
      • For PDAs with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Palm OS
    • Interface RS232:
      • Data transmission speed from 9600 bps up to 460.800 bps
      • Transmission control: NONE, RTS/CTS o XON/XOF; possible vía software configuration
      • Memory buffer of 2K
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  • PSP-20 Converter

    Manages connection of any PDA with miniUSB or microUSB slave connector with other USB slave device.

    • Available with 1,150 mAh battery itself or with electric connection
    • Charging the PDA through the converter when connected to electric connection